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Ride back in time, to an era before the car, train, or plane were ever imagined. Enjoy the beautiful countryside of Lancaster County with it’s immaculately kept Amish farms and gardens. Experience for yourself a taste of Amish country life. Best of everything to all of you and we hope to see you soon.

•  All of our Rides are Family Priced! Kids under 3 are always FREE!

•  Our rides leave on a regular basis.

•  It’s much more than just a ride – our drivers are happy to share their knowledge of Amish Country and happily answer any questions.

•  Farm, long rides and cookie run tours are not available on Sundays as folks attend church, visit neighbors or relatives. THE AMISH TOWN TOUR IS AVAILABLE on several different routes which average 30-35 minutes in length.

The “Cookie Run”

A twenty to twenty-five minute ride through an Amish farm with a brief stop at a farm stand. Your opportunity to purchase home-made cookies, root beer, pretzels and lemonade. Get a taste of real Amish life.

•  Adults $12

•  Kids 12 & Under: $7

Tour, The Cookie Run

Amish Town Tour

The “Amish Town Tour”

A thirty to thirty-five minute tour passing an Amish Village, businesses and an all Amish farm area. Experience real Amish life.

•  Adults $15 

•  Kids 12 and Under: $8

The “Amish Farm Tour”

Visit a real Amish farm. Our drivers take you to our own home farms. Tour the barn, see the cows and big Clydesdale type work horses,mules and other animals. America the way it used to be. (50-60 Minutes)

•  Adults $24

•  Kids 12 and Under: $12

Amish Farm Tour

Sunday Ride Tour

The Sunday Ride

This 40 minute tour is the only ride available on Sundays. The Sunday Ride is a lovely tour through an all Amish area.

•  Adults $16.00

•  Kids 12 and Under: $8

Private Tours Available

Private Tours in Your Own Buggy are available. Reservations and prepayment apply.

Please email us for details or call 717-723-0478. No reservations are needed for walk-ins.

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