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Amish History, Colonial Days

colonial Days

Aaron and Jessica's family is one of the founding families in the USA.  They settled across the river from what is now Philadelphia in 1626. 

In 1637 their great-grandfather from which they descended was born here.  He is now buried in a little church yard across the river from Philadelphia.  Aaron and Jessica's farm is located near the border of Lancaster and Chester Counties.  Their house is the oldest standing home in Lancaster County.  The area is referred to as "The Gap in the Hills".

William Penn came there in 1700 to meet with Indians and purchase the land.  Jessica likes to say "America was born in our front yard".  Their house was originally a trading post which became an Inn.  It was the last stage stop on the road from Philadelphia to Lancaster.General Lafeyette (Washington's Assistant), Benjamin Franklin, notables and other signer's of the Declaration & Constitution Articles of Confederation stayed at the house.

Pioneer Days

In the years that followed, our pioneer ancestors like other Plain groups went west to Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Missouri.  One of our Great Grandpas were born in 1865 and lived to be almost 100.  Many valuable family stories live on because of his long years and keen mind.  Some early Plain folk allowed photographs.  Today there are Amish folks in 27 states with Brethren and Mennonite descendants in every state in the union.

Family History of Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides

Great, Great G'pa Josiah

Amish History, Pioneer Days

Great, Great G'ma "Ome" (Neome)

Plain N Fancy Farm, an original Amish farm and home to Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides, began serving meals and giving buggy rides in 1959.  So here we are today... with seven routes and 20 options through all-Amish areas!  Whether a short or a long ride, you are sure to experience a fun way to see Amish country!


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