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We would like you to learn a little about our drivers.  All are local folks and can teach you all about our 'Amish Life.'

•  Benjamin - An Old Order Amish with a farming background, Ben is in the very best position to tell you about "Real Amish Life".

•  Benuel - Ben walks to work!  When he's not teaching school, you can learn all about Amish Mennonite ways from Ben.

•  Emma - Emma is an Old Order Amish friend who works as a driver with us.  Emma is from New Holland, Pa.

•  Jake & Aaron - In the photos you will see one of Jake and Jessica's dad who dad made wagons and has worked with horses all his life.

•  Joshua - Josh has worked with horses since the tender age of 9.  A committed Christian, Josh knows all the "whys and ways" of the Plain People.

•  Mel - Mel has his own countryside harness shop, but he also has a shop a the New Holland Sales Stable Grounds.  Every Monday there is a horse sale, which is open to the public.

•  Miriam - Miriam is my 4th child.  She loves to work with our horses and can answer all of your questions.

•  Elmer - Elmer is an Old Order Mennonite.  His quiet way and smile will help you understand our area.

•  Benuel - Benuel has been building things all his life.  His faborite part of driving with us is talking with the folks who ride with him.

•  Ezra - Ezra has driven with Aaron and Jessica's since they started rides.  He's a real talker and helpful with great local places to visit.


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