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Amish Carriages

What type of Buggies, Carriages and Wagons do Amish use?

•  ANTIQUE CARRIAGES – This is an 1800’s carriage. Today’s closed Amish Buggy evolved from this type of carriage.

•  CLOSED CARRIAGE – This is a closed type of Amish Carriage that many people use for buggy rides. You can ride in these but unfortunately you can’t see out of them.

•  AMISH BUGGIES – There are different types of Amish buggies, Amish “pickups”, Spring Wagons, Carts, Market Wagons and Closed Carriages. Our local Amish Carriage maker uses a market wagon, as does the Amish Minster who lives behind us. At Aaron and Jessica’s buggy rides, we like to use Market Wagons because the sides roll up and you can see out. They are just as authentic as any other kind. This gives you the most pleasant and scenic ride available in a buggy.

•  AMISH WAGON – If you have a large group, a large family, or a group of friends who want to ride together, we have these larger open wagons available. This wagon was actually made in 1886.

Family Carriage...Family Carriage

Market Buggies...
Market Buggy

Amish Wagon...Amish Wagon


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